Backing for bridleway

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2018

Sir, Many thanks to Cedric Bell for his letter (Herald, 27th January) suggesting that the old Penrith-Keswick railway line would be best converted into a bridleway.

For several decades the horse-riding community in the area has been thinking this and I am sure any such scheme would have the backing of several interest groups, including the British Horse Society and Cumbria Bridleway Society.

Horse-riders would particularly appreciate a long, straight track which would be both an important link and open up the possibility of a circular route with the addition of the existing rights on the Old Coach Road from Dockray to Threlkeld.

There would be no need to reinstate the various bridges as it is usually possible in these cases to make a small diversion down one side and up the other, which would also preclude the possibility of trespass by motor vehicles.

If any such scheme were to be considered, the two groups mentioned above would undoubtedly join forces with their cycling and walking counterparts to work towards this end and thereby secure a wonderful opportunity for the riders and walkers of the future. Yours etc,


Swarthbeck Farm,