At least Batmobile would have been free of charge

Date: Monday 15th April 2013

Sir, When I read your headline (Herald, 6th April) about Mr. Rhodes I was reminded of the quote variously attributed to A .A. Milne and an American baseball player from the 1920s: “Sometimes I just sits and thinks — sometimes I just sits.”

Mr. Rhodes was elected to the office of police and crime commissioner after an election in which 84 per cent. of the people of Cumbria sensibly didn’t vote for a hastily thought out harebrained scheme to follow the USA policing system, which could hardly be held up as an example. I made this a subject of a letter to your newspaper at that time and suggested that Batman and his sidekick, Robin, would have been fine candidates.

After reading about Mr. Rhodes and his various tours of our county and the costs incurred, I would like to point out that the Dynamic Duo would have used their own Batmobile at no extra charge.

Can I remind everyone that we still have a suspended chief constable who Mr. Rhodes seems to ignore while he trails around with his clipboard and pen asking people in the street what he should do to improve Cumbrian policing.

Simple, Mr. Rhodes: resign from your sinecure and Cumbria police can use the money on extra bobbies who will be more in tune with our area than you will ever be.

How best to improve policing? I ask you! Instead of ticking Cameron’s boxes, solve the crimes, stop the hoop jumping. Yours etc,