Anti-Trump, not anti-American

Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Sir, Ross Brewster’s comments in his column (Herald, 12th May) about Donald Trump show a complete lack of understanding about the man, the Middle East and the wisdom of our fellow citizens’ protests against his impending visit to the UK.

Trump may be the elected President of the United States, but his irrational actions since being inaugurated have created tensions and dangers all over the world.

Thinking people protest against what they see as injustice, and Trump’s presence is not welcome.

Theresa May is petrified to offend him, because our so-called special relationship with the US may be jeopardised.

What relationship? They tell us to jump, and she says “how high?”

Mr Brewster’s rule of thumb about socialist protesters being anti-American is way off the mark. Anti-Trump, and his megalomania, is what they are. They care, and the thousands of signatures collected opposing Trump’s visit are testament to the strong views held by people.

We have our own Parliament, and it is not presided over by Trump. I think Mr Brewster’s column would be more at home in The Sun, Mail or Telegraph. Certainly not in a respected local publication. His enemies are not on the left, but on the far right, epitomised by Mr Trump. Yours etc,