Anti-nuclear campaigners horrified by weapons bill

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Sir, Local nuclear disarmament campaigners are horrified at the announcement of an extra £600 million for spending on the Government’s scheme to replace the existing Trident nuclear weapons system with an even more dangerous and even more costly nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

At a time when vital public services in the health, social care, education and housing sectors are under constant attack from government cuts, spending on Trident is already out of control.

The extra £600 million announced by Theresa May demonstrates that the Ministry of Defence is overspending at a very early stage in its project to replace Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

Using the Government’s own figures, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) has previously demonstrated that so-called Trident replacement will cost more than £205 billion over the lifetime of the scheme. Now, the Government is planning to squander even more public money, while never admitting to the full costs.

Adding another £600 million to the Trident bill is very negative news. It represents more millions that should have been spent on social care, on schools, on hospitals and on building new homes. Yours etc,


(Cumbria and Lancashire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)