Allow more input from public at meetings of executive

Date: Monday 11th October 2010

Sir, I attended the Eden District Council executive meeting in Appleby on Tuesday afternoon. Questions could be received from the public if submitted 48 hours before the meeting.

One was submitted by Appleby Tourist Information Centre and the chairman read out a statement in response. A supplementary question was put forward by an Appleby town councillor which the chairman answered.

I then tried to ask a question about tourism but was barred from doing so. The chairman did agree to talk to me about my question after the meeting and did so. A result was, however, that my question would not be minuted for further discussion.

I am therefore perplexed as to the purpose of circulating the meetings around the district if points and discussion, unless submitted beforehand, are not admitted. Surely the advantage of holding meetings across the area is to allow a bit of grassroots input to the executive.

As attendees after the one question, we then sat through a rather lacklustre meeting with many points passed at the nod.

I make this comment in the spirit of goodwill as unless we broaden the community reach of the district council support for the authority will decline. Yours etc,


Business Centre,