All that’s new not all that’s true …

Date: Tuesday 8th May 2018

Sir, I could not agree more with Lindsay Kidd, who stated that in the 1960s 54 possible routes had been suggested for a Penrith bypass. It is a huge discrepancy for those people that now propose a hugely expensive and impossible route for a bypass never to have looked at work already done by Cumberland County Council.

If one searches the county archives one sees that the devastation caused on the A591 by Storm Desmond was a similar experience to a storm in 1927 when Cumberland County Council billed Manchester Corporation £800-plus for undersized culverts that were constructed too small to take rainfall water flow into Thirlmere. The road was thus washed away. Just because one sits at a desk with a laptop, it is not infallible.

Many instances of problems thatwere extremes in their day have lain forgotten.

The arched bridge at Glenridding is another example. It was replaced by a level girder bridge because someone forgot that the old arched bridge had space to allow a huge increase in water flow in times of heavy rainfall, thus reducing the risk of flooding. All that is new is not all that is true. Six weeks is far too short a consultation period for the next 30 years of planning. Yoursetc,