Agreement over retaining tarn’s local name

Date: Tuesday 18th April 2017

Sir, Following the report of the Mallerstang Parish Meeting (Herald, 1st April) which detailed the decision taken by the parish on the proposal to name an officially unnamed tarn between Swarth Fell and Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang, and the letter from David Pitt (8th April) in response to that, further important information has come to light.

As you reported, the parish meeting took the unanimous decision (with one abstention) that it would not support the proposal to name the tarn Fell Tarn, which was apparently suggested by Alfred Wainwright.

The attendees at the meeting felt that this name was unimaginative and that, if the tarn is to be named at all, it should reflect the location. Aisgill Moor Tarn was suggested as a suitable name which would indeed reflect the location.

However, a number of our normal attendees at the meeting were not present, mainly due to the lambing season being in full flow, and subsequent discussions with them have revealed that there is an established local name for the tarn — Swarth Fell Tarn.

When this was put to the parishioners who had attended and voted at the meeting, they unanimously agreed that this is the only appropriate name that the parish should support.

The supporters for David Pitt’s proposal, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, the Yorkshire Dales Society and the Kirkby Stephen Walkers are Welcome Group, and, indeed, Alfred Wainwright himself, were clearly unaware of the established local name. Had they been aware, we are sure that they would not want to change the existing name. Yours etc,


(Clerk to Mallerstang Parish Meeting)