A slippery slope for pedestrians

Date: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Sir, I was interested to see in the report (Herald, 27th January) on Appleby Town Council that other residents had expressed concerns about the latest efforts at enhancing our pavements.

I, too, have looked at the pavements glistening in the rain and thought they looked slippery. But apparently my fears are groundless: they have been checked by a highways engineer who declared them to be “not unduly slippery”. No worries, then.

But then I began to wonder what level of slipperiness he found acceptable.

On a scale of one to 10 is 10 “you couldn’t slip if you tried” and one “you are likely to break your neck”? How do they reach these conclusions? Are teams of pensioners sent out when there is a bad weather forecast and the number who slip counted?

It’s a shame he didn’t go a bit further and inspect some of our other pavements. Too many of them show signs of excavation by different utilitity companies, potholes or the entire surface breaking up.

With his austerity glasses on would they count as “not unduly neglected”? Yours etc,


By e-mail