A helping hand in my darkest hour

Date: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Sir, The Darkest Hour was the name of the film we saw at the Alhambra in Penrith on 18th January. It was an excellent film, but there was one of those quirky conclusions for me personally.

I was walking down the stairs after the showing and turned to speak to a friend when I lost my footing and fell head first down most of the stairs.

I landed in a heap (I am told) and was very concerned for just two years ago I had broken my neck and did not want to go through that again. Things then happened which made me very pleased we had chosen Penrith to move to 13 years ago.

First, a doctor (I did not get his name) gave me immediate medical attention, then, with their usual efficiency, the staff at this excellent cinema saw that an ambulance was called and I was given assistance to get to it (having previously lived in a large Midlands city, I doubt very much if I would have been so readily in the hands of such caring people if the incident had happened there).

When I returned home it was kind of the staff at the cinema to contact me to make sure I was all right.

I was whisked off to the Cumberland Infirmary by a very efficient ambulance crew who were both professional and sympathetic, and on arrival at the hospital I received wonderful treatment and care. Let no-one deride our NHS — when it works it works efficiently.

The nurses, the care assistants, the doctor I saw and the radiologists were absolutely first class. Happily though, I sustained relatively minor injuries and a lot of bruising. There was no permanent damage to the neck.

So, thank you to the (unknown) doctor, to the Alhambra staff and, above all, to the nurses and staff at Carlisle for making my “darkest hour” just that little bit lighter. Yours etc,


By e-mail