99 per cent. of schools will be worse off

Date: Monday 8th May 2017

Sir, Your report (Herald, 29th April) of the meeting at Ullswater Community College about schools funding covered many of the very worrying points raised by the union officials and headteachers who spoke.

However, your “blackboard” graphic, showing “How Eden schools could be affected” is misleading. It shows Department for Education projected figures under the Government’s new national funding formula, and suggests that many of our schools, particularly the smaller, rural ones, will be considerably better off.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs which the Government is not funding, and the loss of grants, 99 per cent. of schools across the country will be worse off than they are now by 2020, according to the Education Policy Institute (EPI).

The EPI’s findings are that an average primary school will lose funding equivalent to two teachers, while the average secondary school will lose the equivalent of six teachers.

According to the website www.schoolscuts.org.uk, which calculates the overall effect of all the funding issues affecting schools (not just the national funding formula), the financial impact by 2019 on Eden schools is:

Alston Primary: lose £12,823/£153 per pupil; Appleby Grammar: lose £242,355/£580 per pupil/6 teachers; Appleby Primary: lose £80,870/£457 per pupil/2 teachers; Armathwaite School: lose £11,663/£191 per pupil; Asby Endowed: lose £65,249/£2,039 per pupil/2 teachers.

Beaconside, Penrith: lose £136,708/£336 per pupil/4 teachers; Bolton, Appleby: no expected loss; Brough: lose £8,770/£133 per pupil; Brunswick, Penrith: lose £38,100/£251 per pupil/1 teacher; Calthwaite: lose £14,394/£215 per pupil; Clifton: lose £23,474/£340 per pupil/1 teacher; Crosby Ravensworth: no expected loss; Culgaith: lose £11,021/£197 per pupil.

Greystoke: no expected loss; Kirkby Stephen Grammar: lose £234,597/£743 per pupil/6 teachers; Kirkby Stephen Primary: lose £103,299£562 per pupil/3 teachers; Kirkby Thore: lose £27,652/£432 per pupil/1 teacher; Kirkoswald: lose £16,616/£241 per pupil; Langwathby: lose £67,620/£501 per pupil/2 teachers; Lazonby: lose £24,804/£349/1 teacher; Long Marton: lose £24,540/£323 per pupil/1 teacher; Lowther: lose £20,939/£241 per pupil/1 teacher.

Milburn: no expected loss; Morland: lose £25,390/£285 per pupil/1 teacher; Nenthead: lose £3,452/£157 per pupil; North Lakes: lose £72,231/£413 per pupil/2 teachers; Orton: lose £21,142/£302 per pupil/1 teacher; Patterdale: lose £6,877/£222 per pupil; Penruddock: lose £29,696/£375 per pupil/1 teacher; Plumpton: lose £31,614/£451 per pupil/1 teacher; QEGS: lose £402,575/£636 per pupil/10 teachers.

Samuel King’s, Alston: lose £36,459/£419 per pupil/1 teacher; Shap: lose £3,229/£40 per pupil; Skelton: lose £33,965/£399 per pupil/1 teacher;

St Catherine’s, Penrith: lose £50,635/£412 per pupil/1 teacher; Stainton: lose £59,253/£412 per pupil/2 teachers; Tebay: lose £5,700/£146 per pupil; Temple Sowerby: lose £23,200/£483 per pupil/1 teacher.

Ullswater Community College: lose £632,678/£548 per pupil/17 teachers; Warcop: lose £19,291/£232 per pupil/1 teacher; Yanwath: lose £77,881/£530 per pupil/2 teachers.

If allowed to go ahead, these funding losses will be devastating for our schools, for our children’s education — and thereby their chances in life — and for the future of our country when this generation of children reaches adulthood. Yours etc,


(Concerned parents)

By e-mail