Youngsters setting example

Date: Tuesday 6th February 2018

YOUNG people from Eden have taken a stand on the national stage this week — getting involved in the push against plastics, and shining in a prime time television competition.

Teenaged friends Anna Willison-Holt and Eliza Gutteridge, both gifted singers, won their way through the first round of ITV’s The Voice, and were showered with accolades by the show’s all-star judging panel.

The girls acknowledged the contribution of both music teachers and parents to their success, but there can be no doubt that the youngsters’ own hard work, determination and talent have been key factors that have brought them this far.

Their future progress in the contest is as yet unknown, but we can all share in the pride felt by their families and friends in their achievements so far.

Meanwhile, six-year-old Harrison Forsyth, who lives with his family at Lazonby, was inspired by an episode of the BBC’s Blue Planet II to write to supermarket chain Aldi setting out his worries about the amount of non-recyclable plastics used in packaging.

Aldi’s boss responded with assurances that the business was reviewing its “own brand” packaging policies.

Harrison taking the time and trouble to make his voice heard on an issue of such importance should act as a spur to us all when it comes to pushing for much-needed change.

Young people often come in for criticism from their elders over a perceived lack of engagement and motivation.

But if these young people are anything to go by, nothing could be further from the truth.