Refusing to live in fear least we can do

Date: Monday 27th March 2017

IT’S a small world. As people across Britain and beyond watched in horror the aftermath of Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London, fallout from the violence — that has so far claimed five lives and shattered many more — was felt here in Eden.

An Appleby couple, on a trip to the capital as part of celebrations of excellence in rural business, came face to face with the knife-wielding attacker and were forced to run for their lives.

And just a short distance away, schoolchildren from Morland who had earlier visited the Houses of Parliament, were rushed back to their accommodation by teachers who feared for their safety.

Cumbria can feel like it is a long way from the urban centres where we may think terrorists are most likely to strike.

But random acts of violence such as this have a long reach — according to the BBC at least 50 people from 12 different countries were injured or killed on Wednesday.

Until or unless solutions are found to some of the problems underlying the terrorist threat demonstrated on Wednesday, perhaps our best response is to follow the example of defiant Londoners who the day after the attack stoically went about their business in defiance of the terrorist and his supporters — extremist group Isis has claimed responsibility.

The point of terror tactics is to terrify. Witnessing the bravery of PC Keith Palmer — stabbed to death when he confronted the attacker — and others who put their lives at risk daily to keep us safe, refusing to live in fear is the least we can do.