Prince a friend to Appleby

Date: Tuesday 18th April 2017

THE smiling faces which greeted Prince Charles during his visit to Appleby, and later the town’s creamery, on Tuesday, told their own story.

The market town was hit hard by the floods of December, 2015, with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage caused to shops, homes and many facilities.

The sheer stress and hardship of the months that followed have been felt by the whole community, young and old.

During Tuesday’s visit by the Prince of Wales, one of those who met him described the experience as being like “talking to a friend”.

While he is no doubt a practiced “meeter and greeter”, the Prince has indeed been a friend to the town and its residents.

Having faced the grim reality of filthy flood water engulfing their homes and businesses, an earlier visit by the Prince to Appleby, just after Storm Desmond struck, gave people a much-needed lift.

His return to the town on Tuesday, as well as showing Appleby residents that their ordeal has not been forgotten, brought other benefits.

The Prince brought with him the eyes of the media to a town that is back on its feet and ready to welcome visitors as the holiday season approaches.

His visit also acknowledges, at the highest level, the grit, determination and hard work of those who have restored the town to its best.

Plenty of reasons to smile then, and to welcome the heir to the throne as a friend.