Care home answers needed

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

THE loss of nearly 100 care home beds in Eden over the past three years was flagged up at a meeting of district councillors, where questions were asked about county council plans for care of the elderly in future.

In a district with a higher than average proportion of older people, poor transport links and a scattered population, this is a serious state of affairs. Already, Eden residents are being told they may have to look outside the area for respite care.

Cumbria County Council has a statutory responsibility to provide people in Eden with essential social care services which meet their needs.

Bolstering home-based care may go some of the way to achieving this — but sometimes a residential setting is the only answer when care needs become profound.

When an older family member reaches the point of needing round-the-clock residential care, the repercussions are felt throughout the generations.

For someone to be moved away from all that is familiar, to a new area where family may have to travel long distances to visit, puts a great strain on all concerned.

The availability of high quality care in a setting close to home is something we would all want for ourselves and our loved ones if the need arose.

Questions are being asked about how this will be provided, and the people of Eden deserve answers.