A response to be proud of

Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

AS shirt-sleeved shoppers went about their business in sun-kissed Penrith on Monday afternoon, it seemed an idyllic late spring day.

But that peace was shattered by a few moments of misfortune and mayhem which resulted, whether it was directly or indirectly has yet to be decided, in the death of an elderly man, and life-altering injuries being inflicted on a female pedestrian in her 50s.

The scene was so horrifying that some feared it was a terrorist attack because it began with a car travelling along the pavement in the town centre. Readers will be thinking sympathetically of all those involved and their families.

In the wake of the shocking events, the instant outpouring of support and skilled care from those on the spot and who responded immediately afterwards has rightly been praised.

A spotlight has fallen in particular on the actions of popular town centre trader Tim Lorton, whose swift reaction has led to calls for him to be recognised officially.

Mr Lorton’s response has been typically low key, but there seems little doubt that his actions resulted in a better outcome than might otherwise have been the case. He modestly suggests that he is no hero but just a bloke who happened to know what to do.

He was not alone in racing to the rescue, however, and it is heartening that in our community we have capable and caring individuals ready to step up at a moment’s notice when the worst happens.