Voice of reason in the Commons is vital

Date: Friday 26th May 2017

Sir, Since World War II the Labour Party has been concerned with the distribution of the national cake in pursuit of its aim for social justice. Now it is — one must hope temporarily — under the thumb of Corbyn’s extreme left wingers.

The Tory Party has been concerned to make the cake bigger on the basis that there will be more for all. No more. Leaving the single market would destroy or degrade many businesses in the wealth-producing areas and force some wealth producers to leave the UK.

We need the taxes from the higher earners in the South East to enable us to help the Jams (just about managing) to modernise our infrastructure and to build more badly-needed social housing.

So, if you vote Conservative on 8th June, you will be voting for a “strong and stable” clobbering of some of the most profitable sectors of our economy.

From the media you would think that Labour and the Tories are the only choice. They aren’t. The policies of the Lib Dems are wealth-producing, fair and realistic. And in the coalition they helped the Jams. A voice of reason in the Commons is vital. Yours etc,


Great Salkeld.