Traders’ dates plea toKeswick Convention organisers

Date: Friday 18th August 2017

Sir, As a “trader” in Keswick and a Catholic (not that that has any bearing on the following points whatsoever), I would like to respond to the letter about “our” prejudice (Herald, 12th August).

Keswick convention has been running in excess of 100 years, no one that attended in the beginning will be alive now. The convention (along with the Jazz Festival, the Mountain Festival, the Beer Festival, the Festival of Light, countless triathlon events and many, many more events for people from all walks of life) is an accepted and welcomed event in our busy market town in one of the most beautiful national parks in the whole of the UK.

At no point in the discussion surrounding the chosen dates for the convention has the wealth of the attendees ever been used for either side. It is extremely prejudiced in its own right to even suggest that Keswickians only want people with money to visit our town.

During the aftermath of the most recent floods, our community was invaded by people with much less than we have to bring food and aid along with manpower to rebuild our homes and livelihoods. If I was a gambling man I’d probably put a tenner on their being no convention folk here to help, but I’m not.

The whole issue surrounding the convention is it’s timing. Solely it’s timing. The town wishes to increase the use of our shops, cafes, B&Bs, adventure centres etc. for everyone.

We, the townsfolk, would love to welcome the convention at a time when it would benefit everyone the most. This isn’t when the town would otherwise be packed with adventurers and shoppers and casual tourists, it is when the town otherwise struggles to stay afloat.

Our small market town is adversely hot by the seasons, who wants to venture outdoors in the wet and cold? Everyone would love the Christian people that visit the convention to spread some of their Christian values and beliefs so that we all help each other as best we can. By changing the dates of the three-week event, many, many more people could live happier lives (as Christian values are based on).

I believe, and I would welcome anyone to correct me, that God is all seeing and all doing and never takes a day off or a nap — prayer and worship can happen at any time of any day and at any point in anyone’s life. So why not help us to help you? Come out of our busiest season, please. Yours etc,


Keswick Adventure Centre,