Town council’s new post with £41,000 salary

Date: Friday 19th January 2018

PENRITH Town Council is looking to employ a services and contracts manager with a salary of up to £41,967.

A draft budget has been prepared under which it is proposed to increase the town council’s precept by £45,594 to £417,739. The figure includes funding to pay for services devolved from Eden Council and staff growth.

The town council’s structure was reviewed by a team of councillors who said staff capacity needed to increase from 2.88 full-time equivalents to 3.69 full-time equivalents.

It is proposed that the post of asset transfer support officer be deleted and a new, full-time services and contract manager be appointed to “enable the town council to provide enhanced services”. The postholder would work with the district and county council to devolve services and assets to the town council.

Other tasks would include managing and developing the services the council will take over; acting as the second senior officer; and providing a full-time deputy role to support the town clerk and enable the town council offices to open to the public on a daily basis.

A spokesman for the town council said: “Following a review by the councillor working group, a salary range was set for the post. The range was set in the light of other salaries at the town council and the responsibilities of the new post.

“There is no direct comparison with other local councils as they vary considerably in size and there is no directly comparable post.

“During the recruitment for this position candidates will be made aware that the resolution for the budget will be made on 26th February.”

The town council’s finance committee will consider the draft budget and precept for the coming financial year at its meeting on Monday. If it is accepted, the charge on a Band D property in Penrith for services provided by the town council would be £80.10 a year, which equates to £1.54 per week.

The total charge for 2018-19 from the town council and the district council on a Band D property would be £270.85 — a reduction of £1.44 from 2017-18 as a result of Eden scrapping its “special expenses” system. Precepts from the police and county council will be added to that.

Mayor Scott Jackson said: “Penrith, like other parishes in Eden, is faced with the additional costs of devolution. Where we are fortunate in the town is that we can do this without additional costs to residents.”