Town council puts brake on official vehicle proposal

Date: Friday 25th May 2018

PENRITH town councillors are considering the possibility of getting an official vehicle.

David Whipp (Penrith North) said he wanted the council to acquire a flatbed van for work purposes. It would be used by a community caretaker who the council would employ on a contract basis for an initial 12 months for 10 hours per week.

The role would include inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning of council-owned and managed assets.

The options were to contract hire a vehicle; take out a finance lease, at a cost of a deposit of £2,000, 36 monthly payments of £336 and an £8,379 balloon payment, although there would be a return from any resale of the van; buy a vehicle at a cost of £10,000 excluding VAT; or not have one at all and the caretaker use their own vehicle and be provided with a fuel allowance of 45p a mile, coming in at £700 per annum averaging 30 miles a week, plus insurance at about £600 a year.

Mr Whipp said having a vehicle which displayed the town council logo would raise awareness of the authority.

Steven Connelly (Penrith West) said the vehicle should be suitable for multi-use and not just by the caretaker. Councillors and officers could use it within their roles.

He added that instead of a van, on which costings had been based, it might be better to instead have a car or minibus which could carry more people.

Joshua Briggs (Penrith East) said that if the vehicle had more seats, it could be loaned out to schools and other organisations.

It was agreed to defer the matter until September.