Standing up for sitting down

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

Sir, As a housing manager at Brackenber Court/Musgrave Street flats in Penrith, I am writing to let you know that our older people’s charity, Anchor, is running a campaign which can support your business.

Anchor’s Standing Up 4 Sitting Down campaign is calling for shops and retailers to provide adequate seating. More than 1,500 stores across the country are already signed up. We know many shops are already great at providing seating and want to celebrate those who are.

Anchor launched the campaign because a lack of seating means many older people say they can’t access their high streets and shopping centres as much as they would like.

Anchor’s aim is to drive awareness of this issue and encourage retailers, shopping centres and councils — all those that make up the great British high street — to Stand Up 4 Sitting Down. We want retailers to pledge to maintain the number of chairs they have available, or to increase it.

Accessible stores will increase the number of older shoppers — which is good for older people and good for business.

To back the campaign please visit

Anchor will send you a free sticker, which you can display if you want to demonstrate your involvement. And Anchor will also be keen to highlight in the media businesses that back the campaign.

If you would like any more information about Standing Up 4 Sitting Down, please contact the campaign team on Yours etc,


(Team manager, Anchor)

By e-mail