“Scruffy” town a turn-off

Date: Friday 24th March 2017

Sir, Parts of Penrith look scruffy again. Times are hard for councils’ finances but if we look scruffy, our visitors will not be attracted, and we rely on them.

Some street nameplates are faded or rusty — one faded one, almost illegible now, is at Stricklandgate-head (east side) where Cross Lane joins it. A sign further down that street, next to Christ Church Cottage, bans something, but is now blank.

The Coronation Garden behind the town hall, obtained for us by Penrith Rotary Club and financed by national lottery grant, has four upright features lit at night. Only two now are.

The district council should have seen to them, but has let this slide.

St. Andrew’s Churchyard closed to burials in 1850, and under the Local Government Acts is looked after by Eden Council, but its church’s regulars now take it in hand as boon days rather than wait.

The council has care of the Beacon top. When are we to see the views again that it once had? Yours etc,