Pie in the sky figures

Date: Friday 26th May 2017

Sir, As we all remember, during the run-up to the EU vote last year each side came up with their own scare stories to try to get us to vote one way or the other.

The country on the whole has accepted the democratic result, unless you happen to be a Liberal Democrat!

In last week’s Herald we have a letter from the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Neil Hughes, once again trying to frighten us with totally pie in the sky figures about a “hard” Brexit, whatever that really means.

Nobody knows what will happen in the forthcoming negotiations. All I know is we should not be demanding that the Government puts all its cards on the table for the Europeans to see, as some politicians want.

We have to allow our side to keep its cards up its sleeve and attempt to get the best deal possible. I voted to remain but I am not bleating about the result. I suggest the Lib Dems do the same. Yours etc,


Friars Rise,