Parking managementor highway robbery?

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

Sir, I had to take my mother, who is 91 years old, to the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. On our arrival there were no disabled car parking spaces, so I parked in a normal parking bay as my mother is severely disabled which prevents her walking more than a few yards.

On our way into the hospital we encountered a parking attendant and asked if we were all right to park in an ordinary bay as there were no disabled spaces free. We were told: “It is OK to park in any bay as long as you have a disabled parking badge.”

I realised on my return to the car there was a parking ticket on the windscreen. I wondered what the ticket could be for. My mother had inadvertently partially covered part of the disabled parking badge when getting out of the car. Could this be the parking infringement?

Shortly after our visit to the hospital I received a notification of a parking infringement. Naturally, feeling aggrieved I appealed against the parking fine. I reiterated that I had not noticed the disabled parking badge was partially covered by my mother exiting the car.

Guess what? I still received a fine. It was because I was parked in a normal car parking bay with a disabled car parking badge. However, to rub salt into the wound, UKPC charged an additional £1.50 “handling charge” when I reluctantly paid on-line my fine by debit card on top of the £40 parking fine. How can there be a “handling charge” when it was paid electronically?

Clearly it is not about car parking management but more highway robbery in collusion with the NHS. Yours etc,


Murrah Hall, Berrier.