Parish council asked to revokeRosgill rights of way decision

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

SHAP Parish Council is being asked by a Rosgill couple to reconsider its decision to support a rights of way application to the Lake District National Park Authority, relating to land outside their home, saying they were not given the opportunity to have their say.

Richard Wozniak and Bridget Kelly, of Abbott House, said they were not made aware of an extraordinary meeting of the parish council, at which an application by a group of residents to have a piece of land in front of Abbott House made a byway open to all traffic (Boat) was discussed.

They say that parish council therefore decided to support the application without having all the relevant information and want it to hold another meeting at which all views can be considered.

The couple said they were away on holiday when the decision was taken, at a regular parish council meeting, to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the Boat application. However, they had returned by the date of the extraordinary meeting and said they would have attended had they known about it.

The couple said they had no argument with villagers, some of whom used the track concerned as a turning place for cars, but had placed boulders around a triangular grassed area, around which the track leads, to prevent damage to the surface and stop it from being used as a car park. In a statement to the Herald, they said: “It is such a shame that a minor private dispute between neighbours has been inflated into this huge row.

We have always tried to be neighbourly and respectful of local custom and have only ever sought to have unimpeded access to our house, protect the green area adjacent to it from damage and maintain it in a condition that does credit to the village.

“We hope that common sense will prevail, that any misunderstanding can quickly be resolved and that we can be allowed to enjoy our retirement in peace in this beautiful place.”

The land concerned is unregistered with the Land Registry, but Mr. Wozniak and Ms Kelly say their access to their home has been blocked by vehicles on many occasions and that they simply want the grassed area to be kept looking neat and tidy.

A date on which the Lake District National Park Authority will consider the application to make the land in front of Abbott House a Boat has yet to be set. Statements and evidence in support of its historic use need to be presented to the authority to prove that a use has been established in order for the application to be granted.

Shap Parish Council chairman Jean Jackson said on Thursday that she had not at that time received the request for its decision to be revoked, but, should that be made, it would be considered at the January meeting of the parish council.