Magnificent view, but …

Date: Friday 20th April 2018

Sir, All honour to the restorers of the magnificent view of the lakes and fells and Lowther from Penrith Beacon, restored to us this spring. A pity, though, that the next beacon eastwards is still hidden by post-1980s trees, namely Daffenside Beacon, just north of Hartside.

It is also very good to have the Easter cross back, wooden this time (the old one, of metal plates, fell to pieces about 20 years ago, as it had to be heaved over the metal railings at that time around the pike). Atkinsons have presented it. It can be seen from Castle Park.

Show us a picture, or plan of the site at least, of the proposed flyover (Herald, 14th April). It might be preferable to an eastern bypass wrecking the back of the Beacon, as yet unspoiled. As to the A6 pre-20th Century, it was not the main road north. That was the A66, via Scotch Corner (hence that landmark’s name). The A6 went to Kendal, via desolate empty scenery, “horrid” until the 19th Century. Yours etc,