Insight into Singapore

Date: Friday 23rd March 2018

THE ladies of Kirkby Stephen Bright Hour met under the chairmanship of Mrs Fanny Jackson.

She gave a warm welcome to them and to the speaker, Mrs Penny Hilland, two guests and a new member. She led the opening hymns, prayers and readings, one of which was Psalm 91. Mrs Nancy Balmer was the accompanist.

Mrs Jackson introduced Mrs Hilland, who gave an unusual talk on Singapore. She gave everyone two maps, one showing Malaysia, with Singapore at its southern tip, and the other of the country, showing its relationship to its neighbours North and South Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam — all of which are often in the news.

Mrs Hilland and her husband were teachers in Singapore in the 1970s and her parents used to visit them in the English winter.

Her father, a doctor, had served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War II and part of his service was in Singapore, so there were many interesting contrasts and comparisons between the Malaya of the old British Empire and modern, independent Malaysia.

She touched on the harrowing times of the Japanese invasion during World War II and answered questions. She had brought interesting items relating to her talk for members to look at.

After grace, tea was served by Joan Metcalfe and Nancy Balmer. Mrs Jackson thanked Mrs Hilland for her talk and presented her with a gift of appreciation.