Hospital water supply cut off

Date: Friday 9th November 2018

ABOUT 70 properties, including Penrith hospital and health centre, were left without water on Monday, due to a burst pipe in Tynefield Drive.

The supply was interrupted for a period of about six to seven hours, from 11am.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “We despatched a repair team and two water tankers to site and managed to restore water to the hospital just before 5pm. All properties’ supplies were restored just after 6pm and the pipe is now repaired.

“We’re really sorry to people for the disruption this caused.

“We do have contingency plans and in this instance we also delivered bottled water to priority customers, including the hospital and some nearby residential homes.”

A spokesman for the Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, added: “We have robust business continuity plans for this type of situation. These were quickly put into place on Monday to minimise disruption to staff and patients. We’d like to thank staff for their quick action and patients for their understanding while this was resolved.

“There is a small supply of water on site for emergency use and we were able to bring more water from another site. United Utilities immediately sent a tanker of water as well as bottles of drinking water so disruption was kept to a minimum.”

Signs at Penrith health centre advised patients on Monday that there was no water supply with which to wash hands and reminded people to use antibacterial hand gels.