Homes plan gets green light, despite flood concerns

Date: Friday 20th October 2017

PLANNING permission for up to 30 dwellings at Hall Bank Farm, Stainton, has been granted despite concerns about flooding.

Eden Council’s planning committee on Thursday approved an outline application by Mr. and Mrs. R. Dawson, who are planning to relocate their farm and build on the village site.

However, objectors said they had serious concerns about flooding.

Eden’s councillor for Stainton, Judith Derbyshire (Lib Dem) said that she and the parish council had both raised these concerns, as the site sits in a dip and is often “knee deep in water”, some of which comes up from an existing soakaway.

She said a professional survey at neighbouring Newbiggin had shown that soakaways in the area became full during heavy rainfall and groundwater then began to rise. She suggested councillors carry out a site visit, but this was declined at a vote.

Mr. Daniel Addis, for the applicants, said that a flood survey, approved by the Environment Agency, had been carried out and the developers intended to improve the drainage on site. He said there was no reason to think flooding would be an issue.

However, Mike Eyles (Lib Dem, Penrith) said: “I have serious reservations about this flooding. We seem to be building on every bit of land, no matter how unsuitable. We have to be more careful about the type of land we actually build on and take more notice of local conditions and take less notice of people who possibly only do a desk check.

“You only have to look at High Carleton, where, as one person put it, they built a house on top of a hill and it still flooded. I don’t think this is a suitable place for housing.”Despite this, the application was approved at the vote by six votes to four.