Glenridding flood works get under way

Date: Friday 22nd June 2018

WORK to rebuild a collapsed retaining wall at Glenridding beck began on Monday, as part of a project to protect the village from flooding.

The original wall built after the 2015 floods collapsed in November, after heavy rainfall and increased water flows reduced the level of the river bed by about a foot, undercutting the foundations.

The flood wall next to the village hall has already been underpinned and the retaining wall on the beck’s left bank can now be rebuilt, after strategies to stabilise the river bed were put in place. This will include installing natural stone features into the river bed.

The Environment Agency is also planning to construct a new river access ramp on the left bank, downstream of the tourist information centre, new walls and a flood gate to give access to the sewerage treatment works, and complete work to commission the gauging station.

All work is expected to be complete by April, 2019.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We will continue to work with members of the Patterdale parish flood management group on the management of the gravel in the village centre as well as work they are leading on upstream to stabilise the banks and address sediment movement.”