Faith canmove mountains

Date: Friday 23rd March 2018

BETWEEN 8th and 11th March a countywide mission took place in Cumbria.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, along with most of the northern Bishops, national church leaders from the Methodists, United Reformed Church and Salvation Army all brought teams of people to join our local churches as we made space and created opportunities for people to ask questions and explore faith.

In Penrith, we were joined by Bishop John Pritchard, retired Bishop of Oxford, as well as the Rev. Loraine Mellor, who is the president of the Methodist Conference, and her team.

We all worked together to organise events to connect with people we maybe would not ordinarily meet.

It was a busy and amazing few days where conversations were had and people were able to discover more about God’s love for them personally.

A big part of the theme of the weekend was telling stories, stories that change the way we see the world and our own stories. Each one of us has a story and we may think that it is unremarkable and quite ordinary but it may not be to the person who hears it.

Your story may connect deeply with something in someone’s life and help them to make sense of their own story.

We all have mountains in our lives which can block faith but Jesus told us that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed (a tiny seed) that we could command the mountains to move and they would move. It doesn’t take much at all, God isn’t asking for superhuman faith he is just asking for the tiniest bit and he will do the rest.

I think in the church we have learned last weekend that to just tell our story is easy and our story can connect and move mountains in people’s lives. Jesus told lots of stories and we still tell those stories today and those stories still change people’s lives as they discover their special place in God’s love.

Now the weekend is over and all our visitors have gone home the mission and ministry of the local churches carries on. We continue to work together and minister in Penrith and the surrounding areas but hopefully we will be going forward encouraged and ready to tell our stories as well as make new ones.

So shall we begin …