Drug-driver took cocaine at party

Date: Friday 26th May 2017

A PENRITH motorist has been disqualified after he admitted a drug-driving offence at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court this week.

Tomas Padraig Cash (21), Petteril Road, pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle with a controlled drug above the specified limit when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

He was spotted by police in Bridge Lane, Penrith, at 4-20pm on 4th March and officers spotted him trying to hide his face.

Mrs. Pam Ward, prosecuting, said they followed him along Castlegate and Cromwell Road before stopping him in Morrisons car park. She added: “The driver got out of the vehicle and appeared to be of poor balance. His eyes were red and his pupils were dilated. He immediately started talking.”

Mrs. Ward said when he was tested the results showed there were in excess of 800mcg of Benzoylecgonine, a derivative of cocaine, per litre of his blood — where the legal limit is 50mcg per litre of blood.

Miss Gail Heard, in mitigation, said Cash had been to a party the previous night and he had taken cocaine. She added: “He accepts it would have been in his system.”

She said his driving was not impaired and he had stopped when he was asked to by officers. “I don’t think there was any suggestion that he was driving badly,” she added.

The court heard that if Cash was disqualified he would not lose his job as a tree surgeon and he would also undertake voluntary drug tests.

As well as being disqualified from driving for 20 months, Cash was fined £200 and ordered to pay £85 in court costs as well as a £30 victim surcharge.