Desecration of Penrith jewel

Date: Friday 14th September 2018

Sir, Penrith Beacon has iconic status for residents and visitors alike. The forest sits proudly above the town and is a haven for wildlife and countless generations have enjoyed its unique charms.

It is therefore with great concern that I read that Eden District Council’s Penrith masterplan envisages the complete transformation of this beautiful woodland.

It has earmarked a large area in the centre of the forest for development including “low density housing”. The council’s plans also include building three “Beacon villages” with 5,500 houses in the Eden Valley between Barbary Plains and Stoneybeck. The designated site of the second village runs right up to the forest boundary.

If these proposed changes go ahead they will cause untold damage to the forest and surrounding area. I am appalled at these plans which will, in my opinion, desecrate the jewel in Penrith’s crown.

I urge the councillors to reconsider. Yours etc,


Cedar Close, Penrith.