Court grants extradition order

Date: Friday 25th May 2018

A MAN who was living in Appleby is to be extradited to Romania after being held in custody since March.

Iulian-Claudiu Ciurariu, aged 21, was listed on court papers as living at the Kings Head Hotel. After being arrested in March and being held in custody, he was produced at a number of hearings since at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London.

A certificate had been issued under the Extradition Act 2003 in respect of a warrant concerning alleged offences of burglary, theft and assault in Romania.

Ciurariu also faced a further charge of failing to surrender to custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 24th January, having been released by the court on bail in December.

He appeared at the London court on Friday and the order was made. He was further remanded in custody until the extradition is arranged.