Champion cyclist’s bike snatched by thieves

Date: Friday 24th March 2017
Henrietta Colborne
Henrietta Colborne

TALENTED Eden cyclist Henrietta Colborne, who recently moved to Holland to race with the Swabo Ladies team, has had her training bike stolen and is now appealing for help to buy a new one.

The bike — along with one belonging to her team-mate — was stolen from a car which was parked outside her team-mate’s house near Maastricht for just 30 minutes.

Henrietta’s black Echelon bike was worth an estimated £1,300, but as new would cost around about £2,300, and the other — a Fuji bike — was valued at around £600.

The 18-year-old 12 times national junior champion, from Milburn, said the police had been informed and details had been posted on social media. “I am currently in a routine of checking the Dutch and Belgian eBays in the slim hope of our bikes turning up,” she told the Herald.

“We find it very suspicious how the bikes were taken in such a small space of time on a dead end street with only five houses on the row and very little passing traffic. The bikes were covered under blankets in the locked car. The thieves smashed the driver’s window and proceeded to take the bikes.

“Luckily, it was my training bike that was stolen. I had raced earlier that day near Bergen op Zoom, Holland, and had come back to Breda to swap my race bike for the training bike.

“Myself and my team-mate had planned a couple of days riding the hills and staying where her parents live in Maastricht, so we drove down to Maastricht on Saturday evening in my team-mate’s car. The weekend riding would have allowed us to ride two race courses in preparation for races later in the year.

“Unfortunately, I am not insured with my training bike, but the police were informed immediately and the formal process carried out.

“I am now looking at how to finance a new bike. If any member of the public would like to make a donation to the Henrietta Colborne Cycling Support Fund they could pass a donation to James Cox, fund treasurer, at Cross Fell View, Milburn. Please make cheques payable to the Henrietta Colborne Cycling Support Fund.”

Henrietta is currently supported by the David Rayner Fund, set up in memory of the late Dave Rayner. It aims to assist ambitious riders, like Rayner, to have a successful professional career.