Care home staff’sgenerous giving

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

Sir, It is now two years since Storm Desmond, when the residents of Edenside were evacuated to temporary accommodation in Penrith, and there’s still no hint of the county council’s plan for their future.

But I am not writing to draw attention again to the situation. Rather, I want to thank, on behalf of our community, the staff who through these two years have, loyally and with warmth, made Apple Garth a real home.

This year climaxed in a Christmas party when family and friends were welcomed to share in a joyful celebration. We were regaled with drinks and a sumptuous tea, while Andy (Appleby’s mayor) entertained us with a program of popular songs.

But what was noticeable, above all else, was the generous giving by the staff of themselves. I cannot think that any care home could better the loving attention given to its residents. The Edenside staff deserve our heartfelt gratitude. Yours etc,


Caesar’s View,