AS an advanced paramedic I work solo on the Rapid Response ...

Date: Friday 10th November 2017
Vinny Romano
Vinny Romano

AS an advanced paramedic I work solo on the Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) so Christmas can be a little lonely when on duty. We tend to be as busy as any other day, so you never know what waits around the corner.

One Christmas always stays in my memory. I had a student paramedic observing with me on one of her first shifts. As advanced paramedics we often have observers with us as we attend the most serious incidents and it is a good opportunity to gain experience.

The first call of the day came in almost immediately; we were called to a patient who was reportedly in labour. This is one of my favourite kind of calls, it fills you with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Generally, the mum gives birth without any assistance or intervention and we are not required to do a great deal. However, if things become complicated we certainly earn our money, treating both the mother and baby.

I arrived at the address and was met by a wide-eyed father-to-be who ushered me to the upstairs bathroom where I found a young woman on all fours screaming instructions to her husband. He was running around the house in a blind panic with an arm full of towels.

I was informed that an ambulance was on its way but it would be around 30 minutes before it arrived. I knew that we didn’t have that long before junior was going to make an appearance.

I was able to support the mother through the birth while my colleague calmed the husband down. Within 10 minutes of arriving we had delivered a beautiful baby boy. To everyone’s relief both mum and baby were well. We made dad a cup of tea and dressed the baby. This was mum’s first baby and both parents were so happy. The student was also over the moon.

The following day we decided to visit the family to see all was well and took a little baby grower for the baby. This was the best Christmas present I could have asked for, to see a new family starting out and to think that every Christmas they will relive this dramatic day with fondness, and I was part of this special occasion.

Advanced paramedic VINNY ROMANO