1,500 male victims of domestic abuse in Cumbria last year

Date: Friday 18th August 2017

ALMOST 1,500 men in Cumbria told police they had been victims of domestic abuse during 2016.

The figure was revealed following a freedom of information request to Cumbria Constabulary by Ian McNicholl, a domestic abuse survivor and ambassador for the ManKind Initiative, a charity which supports male victims of domestic abuse,

A total of 1,406 men across Cumbria reported they had been victims of domestic abuse — almost a thousand more than the previous year. Figures for a three-year period show that between 1st January, 2014, and 31st December, 2016 inclusive, the numbers were 1,406 (2016) 502 (2015) and 447 (2014) respectively.

The figures for female victims during the same period were 3,781 (2016) 1,822 (2015) and 1,584 (2014) respectively.

The charity requested the information to encourage more men across Cumbria to come forward in order that males in general will recognise that they are not the only one suffering behind their front door.

The Home Office says that male victims (39 per cent.) are more than three times as likely as women (12 per cent.) to not tell anyone about partner abuse. Only 10 per cent. of male victims will tell the police compared with 27 per cent. of women.

The Office of National Statistics reports that male victims (59 per cent.) of partner abuse are far more likely (female victims 40 per cent.) to perceive that what happened to them was not domestic abuse.

Mr. McNicholl said: “I never came forward to the police when I was experiencing abuse and it nearly cost me my life. These figures show there are males right across Cumbria who have come forward and told the police.

“Therefore, if you are experiencing domestic abuse or suffering from the symptoms of domestic abuse, you are not alone and help is out there for you. Please don’t be like me, please call Cumbria Constabulary or speak with friends and/or family and get the help you need.

“I can assure you that the action you take today will be life-changing. It could even be life-saving.”